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Obligations of the user

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Modifications to the website

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Limitations of liability

The Luxembourg Space Agency shall use its best endeavors to ensure that this website is as widely available as possible.

The Luxembourg Space Agency shall use its best endeavors to ensure the security of the computer system. However, it accepts no liability in the event of a cyber-attack or the website becoming temporarily or wholly unavailable.

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Links and hyperlinks to related sites

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Intellectual property (Copyright)

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Changes to the general terms and conditions of use

These general terms and conditions of use may be modified or supplemented at any time, without prior notice, in line with changes made to this website or changes in the law, or for any other reason that may be considered necessary. It is the responsibility of the user to acquaint him/herself with the general terms and conditions of use of this site, of which only the most up-to-date version accessible online shall be deemed to be in force.

Applicable law

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Data protection

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The collected data can only result from the voluntary registration of your personal data, for example by subscribing to a newsletter, using the contact form, or ordering a publication.

In accordance with the above-mentioned Law on data protection, users shall have the right to access, modify or object to any data processing that concerns them. In order to do so, they should lodge a request to that effect with the Luxembourg Space Agency, by e-mail sent to the following address:


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